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Review - Clone

Clone is a post-apocalyptic movie made as a senior thesis based in Cleveland by Jason Tomaric. It has been called One and Cl.One, (probably a play on “Cleveland” and “the One”,) but you’ll find it on Amazon digital streaming as just Clone.

SPOILERS but you don’t give a fuck because you’re not actually going to watch this. But incase you don’t even want to read this review, or actually plan to watch and don’t want spoilers for some reason, I actually recommend because of it not being horrible for a student project, surprisingly decent computer graphics and sets for the time and context, and for the local Cleveland celebs (DICK GODDARD.)

IngenuityFest 2014

IngenuityFest in Cleveland is a festival celebrating the intersection of art and technology. I think it’s cool to have a festival like this in Cleveland. That’s why I’m saddened that this year’s IngenuityFest was underwhelming when I went there this past Friday.

Book Review: Ancillary Justice

I had been wanting to read a good “hard sci-fi” book for some time, then heard the Hugo award had been given out. Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie was the recipient.

SPOILERS: not so much spoilers, but I talk about themes. If you’re like me and prefer going into it knowing absolutely nothing, then stop reading this and just know that I recommend it as a good read. I thought quick, I read it on a Kindle so can’t get a real grasp of the length, so maybe it was big but was so good I read it quick. Regardless, I recommend.

Ohio Creationism Bill

State representatives introduced a bill in Ohio that would allow the teaching of creationism in science classes.

Back at It

I took a week off after being at a point I can call my Lisp interpreter clasp finished. Now I’m starting a series of small projects to learn front end development. I’m calling it n-days.

All but Finished With Clasp

I’m all but finished with my Lisp interpreter written in C, clasp. The big milestone I got to with it is I’m able to define variables of lambdas and can evaluate those lambdas. This is enough to write Newton’s method of calculating square roots.

It’s not done. I still have to implement the cars and cdrs and such to process lists. I know, I can’t call it LISP if there’s no LISt Processing. With lambdas done I feel I’m through the most difficult part, I have a good idea of how to do the rest and it won’t be as much work. I’ll run into bugs for sure, but not as many as I had with define and lambda.

I do feel it’s well enough done that I can talk a little about it’s development.

Local Creationism

creationism photo: Creationism Creationism.jpg

I’ve heard people talk of the Creation “Museum” saying it was in Ohio. “That monument to ignorance isn’t in MY state!” I would respond. Well, it isn’t but I had no idea if there wasn’t another in my state. A quick search revealed there was one. The Akron Fossils and Science Center.

With the recent Bill Nye and Ken Ham debate bringing creationism into the spotlight again, the Akron center put out a few posts about it starting with one about their thoughts on it.

What I’ve Been Up to: C and Lisp

I read feeds and news sites to find interesting posts or projects. This leads to an exponential explosion of links causing the act of “reading” to be reduced to “mark to read later.” Realizing my ability to consume content is limited to a serial fashion that can not feasibly keep up with this fractal procession of content, I’ve adopted the heuristic of “just pick something.”

With this, I pick one thing and stick to it. I’ve violated this already since I’m really working through two things at the moment: the programming languages C and Lisp.