all hallow's eve eve


I'm starting the section Effluvium on my site to capture any random daily posts I don't want to feature, but still want to show up in my RSS feed. I posted some only in my RSS feed but didn't have an actual corresponding web page, but I fear that may not work with some people.

This new section is in part because I'm trying to post on social media less, and wanting to post more. I'm enamoured with the idea of the small web and self-hosting. I also have unhealthy nostalgia for the early web and this is probably my going back to that.

Regardless, I'm looking for more web sites to follow. I'm also open to starting or finding a web ring to contribute to. So if you have any suggestions, hit me up - email or social media as linked in the header and footer here (I'll get emails if you mention me).

I've got a post in the works on what I think is bad about current web design and an example of a site of my own with what I think is good. That'll be posted when I'm done coding up that web page.

Also look for links here that I'll be sharing. I have like tens of thousands of bookmarks in various forms, some gems in there that I'll slowly share in these posts. There will also be a page collecting all of them.

Today's links are part of the inspiration for this post, all about having your own site and linking to others: