happy halloween!


Happy spooky day y'all. It has been extraordinarilly wet this year and all last week, but it seems to have cleared up for today. So the kids will have some good trick-or-treating. Which is good, because I don't think my fog machine will work in the rain for my decorations.

But with this sun, we'll be getting out to see some fall foliage if there's still any. There's one spot in the Stinchcomb-Groth Memorial that I really like. The whole area is neat because it's kinda tucked away in the Rocky River Reservation. It's all really nice, but there's one spot that the fall foliage is extra pretty. Go behind the memorial structure itself and you'll be in a copse of trees with leaves a bright yellow that give the whole area a yellow glow.

There's a similar part in Euclid Creek Reservation. The playground area right where you first enter the park must have similar trees, but a much larger area, and with the same yellow glow. But that park is farther for us to get to. Still, a great park that I often get to.

Today's link is NEOTrans Blog, a blog by journalist Ken Prendergast about development and transportation in the Cleveland area. It's just impressive the deep reporting he does for simply a blog. It just seems like he constantly is looking into city records for people filing whatever forms you have to file with cities to construct buildings and roads, I'm only guessing because I don't even know how it works. Which is what makes this a great blog to follow. Another URL found here.