Hacker Monthly #03

more of the type of article I skip over


If you like those red programming books that have people on the cover you'll like this issue as it's the first time the whole thing is some random guy. It's also the issue they have longer articles. It alsos says it has more technical ones, however the table of contents start off with mostly the same startup stuff.

It starts out with the usual startup soft stuff; how to get a million dollars, leave your six figure stuff, monetize your passion (ew). There is something that starts with that "what kind of girl do you think I am" joke made famous on Mr. Robot.

Something is calling the burgening new social media the "realtime, social web". I guess that's what's new, it's realtime. It's in an article about how already they knew this stuff would be adicting. But they included Google Reader in there, so that tells you something too.

What Every Developer Should Know about URLs was a good article.

Other site updates: I'm stopping my Open Cleveland Art Twitter bot. was a hassle on garbage site. have a bookmarklet

adding ratcheteer game guide