1 pork bone* ½ c. chopped onion 3 Tbl. butter 1 large can or jar sauerkraut 2 Tbl Vegeta** Or 2 cubes/2 Tbl. chicken bullion 2 Tbl. caraway seed 1 Tbl. coarse ground black pepper 2 bay leaves 1 sliced carrot* optional*** Water, enough to cover bone,depending on size of pot

Place bone in pot with enough room to cover with water. Saute onion in butter, until soft and translucent. Put onions in pot. Drain sauerkraut, and rinse well in strainer. Add to pot, then add seasonings. (If you are adding carrots, you will not add them now but wait until the kapusta has cooked for an hour.) Mix and press kraut around bone, add enough water to barely cover. On high heat bring pot to just boiling. Turn it down to simmer, cover and let cook for at least an hour. Check every once in a while, to stir and make sure to much water has not evaporated. Add more water if needed.

After 1 hour remove lid, and bone. Add sliced carrots, if you are using them. Take any meat off the bone and add to pot. Let simmer ½ hour more to evaporate some water and cook carrots. Remove kapusta with slotted spoon if there is still to much water.

** Vegeta is Polish seasoning that I get at Peters Market. Any Polish neighborhood store carries it. Or Amazon

*** Carrots are optional, Kapusta is kind of a drab grey color, so they add a nice color to it. On the other hand they do “sweeten” it a little bit.