Sweet Dough

Typical sweet dough: 2pkg yeast, 2c. milk, 1/2c. sugar, 2tsp. salt 2eggs, well beaten, 7-71/2c. flour, 1/2c.butter melted.

Richer sweet dough: 2pkg yeast, 1c. milk, 1/2c. sugar, 1tsp. salt, 2eggs, 41/2-43/4c. flour, 1/2c. melted butter

For either recipe: Scald milk, do not boil. Melt butter, let both cool. Put yeast in bowl add warm milk, sugar, let sit 5 minutes. Add eggs and salt, mix well. Add ½ of flour, mix until smooth and elastic. Add melted butter. Mix well, add remaining flour a cup at a time, end with mixing by hand. Turn out onto floured board/table. Let rest 10 minutes. Knead until smooth. Place into greased bowl cover let rise about 2 hours, until double. Punch down, roll out about an inch thick and cut with round cookie cutter or glass. Cover and let rise again. Fry in small batches in hot oil. Let get light brown then flip. Drain and sprinkle with powdered sugar. Cut and put in filling of choice, fruit jelly, whipped cream or marshmallow whip.

Tips: If house is cool, turn oven on warm for a few minutes and let rise in warm oven. Or boil pot of water and put in oven with pot. When putting dough in grease bowl, put it in bowl, then flip dough over so top is lightly greased before covering.